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10 Trending Ideas / Resources to Boost Winter and Early Spring Gardening and Garden Planning

Written by:
Peter Costello (True Leaf Market)

1. Winter Gardening: Seed Selection, Timing and Tips. Even in the colder months, people’s love for gardening and desire for planning healthy lifestyles endure- thanks to cold-hardy seed gardening and growing. Take advantage of the veteran gardeners’ knowledge at True Leaf Market to deliver invaluable winter gardening insights to your readers by revealing the hidden magic of cool- and cold-season cultivation. Get a deep dive (for your readers) into selecting the best frost-tolerant garden favorites – such as broccoli, cabbage, kale and mustard greens – and the ideal timing and helpful tips that allow these cold-hardy vegetables to be planted and thrive through winter. From providing a guest blog post/byline article on the subject to coordinating interviews or written tips, you name it, we’ll supply it!

2. The Health Benefits and Culinary Magic of Microgreens and Sprouts: Did you know that microgreens and sprouts are rich in antioxidants and dietary fiber, helping to regulate digestion, promote a healthy gut and prevent digestive issues? Not only are they extremely beneficial to your health, but they’re also perfect for adding a little extra zest and crunch to any dish. – Help your readers add more vitamins, nutrients and flavor to their lives with the wide variety of microgreens, sprouts and gardening know-how available through True Leaf Market and their staff of degreed horticulturalists. The True Leaf Market team has even created growing guides for both microgreens and sprouts for your readers’ benefit! Looking for more information and resources? – We can even supplement this content by coordinating exclusive interviews with the company’s expert gardeners as well as providing you or your contract writer with additional health and growing insights, high-resolution photos and other resources per your request.

3. 12 Essential Vegetables to Grow this Spring: Explore the 12 most essential vegetables to plant this spring by offering your readers a comprehensive guide to a successful and satisfying spring garden. From uncovering the secrets of growing crisp and colorful radishes that are perfect for salads and snacking to highlighting the allure of homegrown carrots with insights on cultivating long, sweet roots, True Leaf Market’s expert horticulturalists can deliver how-to information on growing and caring for these, and many more, essential spring-time vegetables. To get you started, check out this helpful resource on early spring vegetable planting. Then contact us to line up more written tips from or interviews with the garden nerds at True Leaf Market.

4. Spring Seed Gardening Calendar: Insider Tips on When and What to Plant: It can be tricky deciding what to plant for spring and when to start. This is why gardeners everywhere are looking for information and advice on creating a well-planned spring seed gardening calendar. Thankfully, True Leaf Market can help by providing your readers with insider tips on the best plants to grow from February to early June. By following True Leaf Market’s insider tips on when and what to plant in each stage of late winter and spring, your readers will be able to create a garden that not only survives but thrives with fresh produce and beautiful blooms all season long.

5. The Ultimate Gardening Gift Guide for Plant Lovers: True Leaf Market offers ready-made seed assortments and other applicable gardening kits under the company’s Gift Ideas website category. The assortments cover every gardener, from flowers to foodies or survivalists, and are also the perfect addition to editorial holiday gift guides. If you have interest in potential editorial content with True Leaf Market’s degreed Horticulturists, we’d be glad to answer your questions, provide photos or quotes, have them answer your interview questions and coordinate a complimentary product sample or two to ship to you. Let us know your address (no P.O. boxes please) for samples and how we can assist you with content planning.

6. Less is More with Minimalist Indoor Gardening: The minimalist lifestyle has gained popularity for its simplicity and focus on essentials, and there is not a more beautiful way to embrace minimalism at home than creating a minimalist indoor garden. Don’t know where to begin? – Start by gathering compact but stylish supplies, such as True Leaf Market’s Stack and Grow - Stackable Garden Planter. This space-efficient stacker allows indoor gardeners to get the most from their space by growing full vegetable, herb, succulent and/or flower gardens. True Leaf Market’s indoor gardening experts also can serve as the perfect resource to help your readers bring a clean, uncluttered and visually appealing garden to any room in the home. Contact us to line up and interview or coordinate more tips and insights on the topic. We and True Leaf Market can supply editorial style sidebars, photos with captions, full articles, excerpts you can use, answers for your interviews, and more.

7. A Guide to Selecting Trendy Spring Flowers for Your Garden Oasis: Celebrate the lively beauty and rejuvenation of spring by sharing with your readers the best seasonal flowers from seeds and related spring garden design ideas from True Leaf Market. From highlighting the top flower trends for 2024, such as the resurging popularity of aster zinnia, and begonia varieties, to providing inspiring tips on growing a spring oasis in the garden, one bylined article from (or interview with) one of the degreed Horticulturists with True Leaf Market, and your readers can learn everything they need to know for cultivating picture-perfect and vibrant, colorful spring gardens.

8. Gardening for Wellness: People are increasingly seeking ways to escape their computer, tablet and phone screens to reconnect with nature and improve their overall well-being, and gardening is the perfect avenue for achieving this. This ever-growing outdoor hobby has benefits beyond cultivating fresh herbs and vegetables or pretty flowers. – It’s been proven to relieve stress and boost mood! True Leaf Market has created the perfect seed assortment for your readers who want to focus more on health and wellness, with herbs such as chamomile, yarrow and lemon balm. Inspire your readers to embrace gardening as a wellness tool by sourcing practical gardening tips and expert insights from True Leaf Market to motivate them to dig deeper into this enriching and transformative practice for wellness. - Need photos? We have plenty to share upon request. We can even discuss a free, customized photo shoot for you.

9. 5 Ways to Preplan and Prepare for Your Spring Garden: Winter is the perfect time to start planning and preparing for a flourishing spring garden. Don’t know where to begin? The garden geeks at True Leaf Market are well prepared to provide you with the 5 most crucial tips and tricks you (and, of course, your readers) need to be well on the way to enjoying beautiful and productive gardens when spring arrives. From expert insights on proper soil preparation for ensuring your plants have sufficient nutrients to how-to tips on carefully selecting the right flower and vegetable seeds suitable to your (and any) climate, soil type and garden goals (as well as everything in between), True Leaf Market is readily available to serve as a valuable resource for your readers and their spring gardening endeavors. Send us a list of your interview questions for an article or other content you are planning to write, and True Leaf Market will provide their professional and creative insights in response which you can quote or use at your convenience.

10. Growing Corn and Tomatoes for Fresh, Flavorful Harvests: With the increasing interest in sustainable living and home gardening, the demand for practical advice on growing staple vegetables like corn and tomatoes has surged. Not only does True Leaf Market offer hundreds – yes, I said “hundreds” – of Non-GMO, heirloom and hybrid corn and tomato seed varieties, but their seasoned gardener staff members also stand ready to provide all the best tips, techniques and insights that will ensure bountiful and delicious yields for your readers. To get you started and in case you’re interested in an already-made interview resource, we’ve got you covered with these Corn and Tomato Gardening Guides. Just these simple one-pagers alone supply narrative that offer an abundance of hacks and tips you can lift, quote and use for any related content you may be planning. Please just somehow mention or credit True Leaf Market. – Need a name to quote? - I am here and waiting for your email. Or, if you need more than the above-linked content, True Leaf Market’s corn and tomato seed experts would make for great interviewees and are readily available to answer any questions regarding their corn and tomato growing hacks, best practices and many other top tips for home gardeners, families looking for a fun outdoor hobby together, or anyone who loves corn and tomatoes as much as we do.

By Liliana Alvarez

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