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Casa CC designed by Lassala + Orozco Architecture Workshop

The mexican architecture firm Lassala + Orozco Architecture Workshop  has designed Casa CC that located within a private preserve of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Project description by the architects:

The project is located within a private preserve of Zapopan Jalisco. In a land that presents an important difference of approximately 3 meters in front of the land, from the access road to the bottom of the land that borders a neighboring preserve.

Casa CC designed by Lassala + Orozco Architecture Workshopimage © TREX Arquitectos 

The "Casa CC" is developed for a young couple seeking a refuge of peace, stability, friendship, family life and rest, so we take the Cube for its stability as an important part of the concept, hence the house is based on a couple of Cubes, one that represents her and the other that represents him.

a tree inside the house image © TREX Arquitectos 

By his profession, the cube is shown a little turned and thrown forward, representing the courage, courage and risk-controlled capacity required by his daily work.

Basement Floor PlanBasement floor plan

The program calls for a semi-basement garage for at least five cars, a quarter of escorts, a utility room, a kitchenette and a laundry area with laundry shutte, an access area with elevator to the levels Superiors and a cinema for 12 people with a pantry and champagne area, integrated into the cinema.

Ground Floor PlanGround floor plan

The ground floor which is reached or by the elevator of the semi-basement, or through the rotated cube whose presence in the facade is very striking, here we find an office, the double height gallery with an arrayan and a water mirror that makes the lobby function and allows to reach the elevator or stairs that go up to the upper floor, as well as to go to the public areas of the dining room, kitchen, games room and back garden, which has another water mirror which at the request of the client fire arises in eleven different places, the kitchen has a large pantry and an island of generous proportions, as well as a service staircase that goes from the basement to the sunroof through the ground floor and the top floor.

Firts Floor PlanTop floor plan

Upstairs we have a television area with a site for smart equipment and some of the equipment of the sunroof mini pool. View to the double height and to the arrayan that are circulated perimetrally by the corridor and the bridge that lead to the main and secondary bedrooms three bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom each and the main bedroom with terrace area of ​​room with dressing room, dressing room and the and bathroom with five furniture.

Roof Floor Plan

Rooftop plan

Sunroof is reached by the elevator or by the service stairs, in this area you will find, the mini pool. The lounge area, a pantry, a Deck, the fireplace and the roof area for air equipment and cells and solar panels.

house with declined cubes above other at night image © TREX Arquitectos 

modern house surrounded with green landscape image © TREX Arquitectos 

backyard garden at a modern house in Mexico image © TREX Arquitectos 

garden design with green trees and grassimage © TREX Arquitectos 

Architectural sketch drawing Architectural sketch drawing 

Architectural sketch drawing Architectural sketch drawing 


Project name: Casa CC

Architecture fimr: Lassala + Orozco Architecture Workshop 

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Architects in Charge: Carlos Lassala Mozo, Guillermo R Orozco y Orozco, Nazdira Rodríguez Vera

Rendering: TREX arquitectos

By Naser N. Ibrahim

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