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Sway House designed by InFact Studio

The toronto based innovative architecture and design studio The Intuitive Factor Studio challenging the residential landscape of New Delhi

The ‘Sway House’ is an unexpected spatial and visual experience that integrates the conventional living spaces and is designed to challenge the current residential landscape of the city. The design explores the potential of the concrete fabrication techniques leading to change in the understanding of residential architecture.

image © Infact Studio 

The residential has been designed keeping the fixed parameters of typical floor layouts, with a common parking at the ground level. Considering the emerging advanced fabrication technology, the lightweight concrete façade has been designed with the potential of aesthetics and serving the function to cut down the sun penetration into the building. 

image © Infact Studio 

The building façade responds to the hot climatic conditions by providing deep shadows and indirect lighting within the interior spaces. The build envelope incorporates well-designed residential functions with the proposed bedrooms and living space on the exterior face with the utilities along the central core.

image © Infact Studio 

image © Infact Studio 

Fabrication | Form Work detail

image © Infact Studio 

image © Infact Studio 

Team:          Infact Studio

Design:        Manu Sharma

Location:      New Delhi, India

Client:          Private Client

Status:         Design Phase II

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