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El-Golu Garden bridge designed by Mohammad Khansary

The Iran based architect Mohammad Khansary has designed "El-Golu Garden bridge" that located in Tabriz, Iran.

Project description by the architects:

To establish a creative relationship and connection between Historical El-Golu park and El-baghi park, 

El-Golu Garden bridge has created a human oriented space in combination with nature in a catchy crowd space in terms of tourism and recreation,

image © Mohammad Khansary 

to communicate with the surrounding buildings and paths with respect to sustainable architecture,

also created an urban landmark and identity for the surrounding environment at the city scale - provide climate comfort for pedestrians and tourists.

image © Mohammad Khansary 

image © Mohammad Khansary 

image © Mohammad Khansary 


Architect                       : Mohammad Khansary 

Location                       : Tabriz, Iran


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