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Biovular Tower designed by Cankat Seyret

What is Biovular?

Reorganization of fraternal twin masses in order to serve a totally sustainable habitat which is also re-designing the overall neighborhood density to create opportunity for improving agricultural activities into the program and creating more green spaces while re-leveling the spatial qualities and wile keeping spatial quality as a priority, as an aspect of quality in space. Environmental control has affected the design with the use of parametric rules to maximize the benefits of nature to energy efficiency, catching more views, natural heating and cooling strategies. 

image © Cankat Seyret

image © Cankat Seyret

Residential Plans and West Elevation 

Buiding Section

Building Section


image © Cankat Seyret

Student:         Cankat Seyret

University:      Izmir University Of Economics 

Location:        Izmir, Turkey 

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